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Plato & Second Life — beta

Last semester I was asked by a philosophy professor here @ SEU if I could build what will be SEU’s first Sim Second Life.  Of course, I said “yes!”–after which time I decided to figure out how to build what was asked.  As it turns out he wanted a recreation of Plato’s Allegory of the […]

Presentation on Virtual Worlds & Second Life

Whether or not you’re a part of the class that I’m teaching on Virtual Worlds & Second Life, feel free to take a look at compilation of links that provide an Introduction to Virtual Worlds.  From Sun Microsystem’s Darkstar & Project Wonderland initatives to Second Health simulations in Second Life, this pdf and the corresponding […]

SEU Campus in Second Life

I’ve been busy at building a “working draft” of our SEU Campus in Second Life.  To visit the campus, go to: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Teaching%203/27/217/24 after you have signed up for an avatar using the New Media Center’s sign-up process @ http://sl.nmc.org/join/ . In the SEU SL space, you can find a variety of classroom environments, ranging from small-discussion, ampitheatre presentations, as […]

Second Life SLUrl’s

For those who are interested in visiting even more educational areas within Second Life, I’ve put together a list of SLUrl’s for a presentation at St. Edward’s University.  Anyone interested in joining us on a “tour” of these spaces should download the .pdf and come along!

Second Life – a general primer

One resource that may be helpful for educators interested in Second Life is to take a look at Educause’s “7 things you should know about Second Life”. This straightforward view of the impact of Second Life for educators is succinct and presents both advantages as well as disadvantages of the environment. Another item of interest […]

Interactivity & Educational Sims

Given the rich array of resources to educator’s in Second Life (SL), I realized that some people may benefit from some pointers about ‘how’ someone can interact in SL.  Although Linden Labs offers tutorials on a range of general topics in SL, I wanted to help people see how interaction tends to work in the […]

Second Life SLurl’s

If you’re interested in visiting some interesting educational sims, SL has a handy way of referencing their addresses. Since access to SL is done via installing an application on your computer, it isn’t a web browser in the traditional sense of the term. Web browsing is possible with the SL client however, and locations within […]

Educational Resources for SL

Educators looking to get into Second Life may want to check out the .pdf, “An Introduction to Second Life for Educators” by Beth Knittle. It’s a great general overview of what educators can expect out of Second Life. Another great resource is the New Media Consortium (NMC)’s SL resources page. If your campus is a […]

Second Life, Educators, & Virtual Worlds

I’ve recently had the opportunity to help a faculty member and her course with Second Life. As a result, I’ve decided to take the opportunity to compile some resources that might be helpful for folks looking to get started using Second Life as an educational tool. There are plenty of educational resources in the way […]

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