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Gaming “Beyond Edutainment”

I’d like to share my thoughts on a dissertation I’ve recently run across on educational gaming titled “Beyond Edutainment Exploring the Educational Potential of Computer Games” (Simon, E.-N. (2005). Beyond Edutainment. IT-University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen.).  Although a comprehensive review is beyond the scope of this blog, I think this dissertation offers an incredibly useful and […]

Presentation on Virtual Worlds & Second Life

Whether or not you’re a part of the class that I’m teaching on Virtual Worlds & Second Life, feel free to take a look at compilation of links that provide an Introduction to Virtual Worlds.  From Sun Microsystem’s Darkstar & Project Wonderland initatives to Second Health simulations in Second Life, this pdf and the corresponding […]

What makes Educational Technology Innovative?

From my viewpoint, design of innovative educational technology involves the use of innovative technologies, guided by strong instructional design to support learning.  For many learners today, it can also mean finding a place where innovative ideas, promising technology, information, and a systematic approach to instruction converge within what Henry Jenkins has described , as a […]

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