Math is exciting? Really?

If you’re a kid who’s played one of the math games offered by Tabula Digita’s DimensionM series, you might think so.  I learned about DimensionM from the recent 2009 NMC Summer Conference in Monterey (thanks to Bryan from NITLE!).  As part of my survey of the educational gaming landscape, I downloaded & played a couple of games from the DimensionM series.  The series is designed to help elementary and middleschoolers learn about algebra.  In one version of the game, I found myself applying my knowledge of cartesian coordinates by using a HUD (heads-up display) to navigate my way through a mission.  Unlike most game-based HUDs, this one uses an actual coordinate system, complete with negative numbers.  The game demo did a good job at balancing immersion with checks for understanding, while staying “in character” — not an easy thing to do.

After digging around for some press, I read an article from a local NY news station titled, “Video Game Competition Puts Math To The Test”.  The news article highlights a video from an actual live game competition where students put their skills to the test in what’s known as the DimensionM 2009 MegaBowl Tournament.  The tournament is a math competition that uses a multiplayer game system that lets kids compete.  Very Neat – O.

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