Interactivity & Educational Sims

Given the rich array of resources to educator’s in Second Life (SL), I realized that some people may benefit from some pointers about ‘how’ someone can interact in SL.  Although Linden Labs offers tutorials on a range of general topics in SL, I wanted to help people see how interaction tends to work in the context of educational sims.  To do that, I constructed a tutorial walk-through of 2 educational sims: Genome Island & the Exploratorium.  This Flash-based tutorial is called: Making the Most of your Sim Walkthrough’ . The tutorial is about 10 minutes in length, and provides a walkthrough of exhibits in both sims.  The tutorial is designed to help people learn how to:

  • Use the mouse to interact with objects
  • Collect & retrieve objects from the inventory
  • Listen or view audio/video content
  • Save & retrieve locations of interest

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