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If you’re interested in visiting some interesting educational sims, SL has a handy way of referencing their addresses. Since access to SL is done via installing an application on your computer, it isn’t a web browser in the traditional sense of the term. Web browsing is possible with the SL client however, and locations within SL can be accessed with a “SLurl”. A Slurl is a link that points to a location in SL, which can be accessed via your web browser (and therefore bookmarked for later retrieval). Clicking the SLurl will prompt you to login to SL, after which point your avatar will be “teleported” to the correct destination.  I suggest taking some time to explore each sim–interact with the surroundings.  I’ll discuss interactivity a bit more in future posts, but when you run across an exhibit, or something that looks interactive, clicking these objects can give more information.  In some cases, directions will be given on what to do.  In other cases, curiosity and exploration become very useful attributes when touring SL.

Here are a few SLurls for education-oriented sims to explore in SL.

Dante’s Inferno: designed as an immersive learning tool for students:’s%20Inferno/128/128/2

Only Yesterday: A recreation of life in a 1930’s town:

Okapi Island in SL: OKAPI participants & Berkeley archaeologists (including students & faculty) built a sim of a prehistoric village in Catalhoyuk, Turkey:

Vassar’s Virtual Sistene Chapel:

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