Concepts related to social bookmarking

In doing some research on social bookmarking, I came to discover connections with some interesting ideas– Folksonomy (individually constructed, but socially shared taxonomy, byThomas Vander Wal) being one example.  Here are a few others:

Connectivism:  by George Siemens – a learning theory rooted in application of learning in a network-based environment

Collective Intelligence:  by Pierre Levy – the idea that everyone knows something, no one knows everything, and that we have much to learn from each other

Strength of Weak Ties: by Mark Granovetter – the notion that there is strength–in connections and resources–that are present in those with whom we’re only weakly connected.

Social Constructivism: by L. S. Vygotysky – the idea that meaning & understanding is constructed out of social interaction

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