Virtual Worlds Snapshot

Doing another class on virtual worlds–including but not limited to Second Life, and using the Second Life 2.0 viewer live for the first time!  We’re going to explore a snapshot of how people look @ virtual worlds, from the perspective of Second Life to organizations such as the Association of Virtual Worlds to Hypergrid Business, Engage and Gartner. We’re also going to explore a bevy of sims in Second Life, as well as some clips of youtube videos of interesting projects in Second Life, such as the Canadian Border Crossing sim @ Loyalist College and Okapi Island, a super-cool archaeological dig in Turkey, replicated in detail in Second Life.

Virtual World Organizations

News about Virtual Worlds

Second Life  – Economy, Q4 2009 & where are they going now? @

Gartner Hype Cycle @

Gartner – Virtual Worlds Businesses Fail @

OpenSim Growth @

CBS – Child’s Play Goes Virtual @

Second Life Vids & URL’s

Linden Prize Competition Finalists:

Murrow Center 3D Newsroom @ Washington State University @

Federal Virtual Worlds Competition @

Second Life Loyalist College Canadian Border Simulation @

Second Health:

Palomar West conceptual hospital :

Okapi Island in Second Life @

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