Educational Gaming Workshop @ SEU

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about ed gaming on the blog, but it’s time I got caught up.  There’s been a lot of work done on ed gaming (not to mention we released the Plato sim this semester).  However, I’d like to share resources from a recent workshop that I delivered to faculty members @ St. Eds on educational gaming.  The session covered a range of broad topics in educational gaming that ranged from: game genres, research in educational games, and an overview of what institutions such as Penn State, the University of Wisconsin, Indiana University and MIT are doing with educational gaming.  Participants were also introduced to Evoke!, and were given the chance to play Peacemaker, Global Conflicts Latin America, and iTouch-compatible game called Mentira created by the University of New Mexico (and developed using the ARIS games platform).  I’ve posted a copyright-friendly version here, as well as provided a listing of URLs & citations that were used in the presentation.

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