Games & Civic Awareness – a compilation

Next week I’ll be doing a short, hands-on workshop for faculty here @ SEU on applications of educational games.  The focus of this workshop is to present faculty with different types of persuasive games that may help promote civic awareness as well as an awareness of social and political processes in a variety of areas.   There are blog entries for many of the links listed.

Download this handout

or follow these links:

Peacemaker : Simulation of policies & politics in the mid-east conflict :

Global Conflicts Latin America : Investigative journalism to expose processes that drive developing world economics in Latin America:

Ayiti – The Cost of Life : Impoverishment of life in Haiti:

Darfur is Dying : Genocide in Darfur :

Homeland Guantanamos : Treatment of immigrant detainees in the US:

Climate Change : Policies, politics, and science of climate change:

Oiligarchy : Politics of Oil : : World hunger awareness

Points of Entry : Immigration policy:

WWO (world without oil): Alt. reality game about oil & its real-world consequences:

Web Resources



Teens, Video Games & Civics: Pew/Internet & American Life Project:

Persuasive Games: The Expressive Power of Videogames, Ian Bogost :

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