Tips on Tagging with Delicious

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to import & tag your bookmarks, here are some helpful tips based on my experience with the application:

  1. Consider which bookmarks to import from Firefox or IE to get your Delicious listing started.  You can import them in bulk or individually.  The advantage of importing one by one is that you can assign custom tags immediately to your url.  This step also helps to ensure that the link is still relevant, particularly if it isn’t fresh.
  2. You can do this upload either from your browser if you have the plug-in installed, or directly from Delicious (Settings : Import/Upload Bookmarks)
  3. If you choose a bulk upload–decide on what you want your tags to be in advance.  I don’t recommend automatically assigning “popular” tags since this may clutter your tag cloud and make it more difficult to discern important tags from non-important ones.
  4. You can assign bookmarks as private or public.  You can do this either before or after the import, but double-check that the privacy settings are correct for your bookmarks that you import.  I did an automatic import in Firefox & several bookmarks came across marked as private.
  5. Take the time to sort through & manage your tags.  The “Tag Options” area gives you the ability to either delete or rename tags.  Renaming tags is incredibly useful.  For instance, although you may have used the tag “AmericanHistory” to describe a site on the topic, you may find after searching for other tags in Delicious that others refer to the tag as “American_History”–and you may find both uses of the tag.  Neither way is right or wrong, just different.  Folksonomy, is after all based on personal tagging that is shared socially.  My advice is to make a choice & stick to it for the rest of your immediate bookmarks.  You can always rename your tags later.
  6. Finally, I would also recommend creating tag bundles.  This feature helps organize related tags into groups.  This further helps to organize your stuff into easy-to-find areas.

There’s lots of resources (tutorials, etc.) on DeliciousHere’s one example, but FYI delicious just changed user interface so things may look a little different than what’s shown, depending on where you look.

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