In keeping with the recent series of posts on persuasive games, I thought I’d post on a game that is somewhat less serious and can be categorized as ‘political satire’.  The game is Oiligarchy, which is produced by Molle industries (whose motto btw is “Radical games against the dictatorship of entertainment”).

In Oiligarchy the player plays the role of a would-be oil baron whose primary goal is to drill for oil all over the world and in doing so promote an oil-based economy.  And, as Molle puts it, “…Be sure to have fun before the resources began to deplete.”

Oiligarchy is overall a fun game.  You get to search for and drill oil wells, defend your oil wells from attacks, and grease the wheels of the american political machine by influencing the choice of president as well as oil policy.  Gameplay does beg the question–what does it mean to “win” the game?  I don’t want to give away the ending but let’s just say that ‘winning’ isn’t always everything.

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