Getting Started with Social Bookmarking

In preparation for a presentation that I’m giving at the St. Edward’s University 2008 Teaching Showcase, I have been researching the topic of social bookmarking. There are a myriad of sites that support social bookmarking. I decided to use Delicious to organize my links–something I’ve only really begun recently. What surprised me was the ease with which I was able to transition my old Firefox & IE bookmarks into Delicious. (The list of links listed in the Elsewhere section of the blog is fed from Delicious).

This post is designed to help people who are also new to social bookmarks, but who might be interested in starting with something like Delicious get started.

If you’re curious about Delicious but don’t know where to begin, consider these ideas:

  1. Visit Delicious and check out their getting started area.
  2. If you’re curious what a page looks like, check out my bookmarks to get an idea of what you’ll see once you sign up.
  3. Consider doing a search on Delicious for your area of interest & see if what you want bubbles up to the surface.
  4. Once you decide to sign up for an account, I’d recommend getting the Delicious plug-in for Firefox. There’s one available for IE as well.
  5. Once your plug-in is setup, you’re ready to import your bookmarks!

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