Peace…in your time?

Peace?  …Not easy if you’re playing PeaceMakerPeaceMaker is produced by Impact Games and is a game / simulation that puts the player in the driver’s seat as either the president of Palestine or the president of Israel.  A game trailer and demo is available on the PeaceMaker site.

I consider myself barely informed on what is the confusing political landscape that is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  This game however, has helped to somewhat broaden my perspective.  As president of either country you get to make strategic decisions about implementing security measures, exercising diplomacy and reconstruction efforts (with multiple options for each).  You can choose to play the game in one of three difficulty levels:  calm, tense, or violent.  If this weren’t complicated enough, you have to make choices while balancing approval ratings with factions within your own government, the ‘opposition’, not to mention the perceptions of the U.N. and the U.S.

This game is rooted in historical context and is “inspired by real events”–so much so that the choices that you make often result in videos from news footage and/or reports of what happened when similar choices were made in history.  I personally find that this game answers a couple of different questions for me having to do with factional divisions and cultural expectations that influence political choices.

Further, there is an in-game “advisor” in the form of a pop-over window that players can consult before taking ‘actions’.  There is both a national advisor as well as a foreign advisor, so the difference between the internal and external views of the impacts of choices made is extremely compelling.  Here are links to some screenshots on the Peacemaker website:

PeaceMaker is an award-winning game that provides hands-on gameplay as it situates the learner in the middle of the conflict, all the while challenging the learner to solve the problem from their perspective.  As the tagline goes, “PeaceMaker: Play the News.  Solve the Puzzle”.


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