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Games & Civic Awareness – a compilation

Next week I’ll be doing a short, hands-on workshop for faculty here @ SEU on applications of educational games.  The focus of this workshop is to present faculty with different types of persuasive games that may help promote civic awareness as well as an awareness of social and political processes in a variety of areas. […]


In keeping with the recent series of posts on persuasive games, I thought I’d post on a game that is somewhat less serious and can be categorized as ‘political satire’.  The game is Oiligarchy, which is produced by Molle industries (whose motto btw is “Radical games against the dictatorship of entertainment”). In Oiligarchy the player […]

Peace…in your time?

Peace?  …Not easy if you’re playing PeaceMaker.  PeaceMaker is produced by Impact Games and is a game / simulation that puts the player in the driver’s seat as either the president of Palestine or the president of Israel.  A game trailer and demo is available on the PeaceMaker site. I consider myself barely informed on […]

‘Game-based Learning’ – Attention spans

I recently read the book, “Digital Game-based Learning” by Marc Prensky.  [ Prensky, M. (2001). Digital game-based learning. In: McGraw Hill. ] Although I have a critical view of some points made by Prensky, I think there are a couple items that are worth a look over the next post or two. Presnky cites research […]

Educational Resources for SL

Educators looking to get into Second Life may want to check out the .pdf, “An Introduction to Second Life for Educators” by Beth Knittle. It’s a great general overview of what educators can expect out of Second Life. Another great resource is the New Media Consortium (NMC)’s SL resources page. If your campus is a […]

Second Life, Educators, & Virtual Worlds

I’ve recently had the opportunity to help a faculty member and her course with Second Life. As a result, I’ve decided to take the opportunity to compile some resources that might be helpful for folks looking to get started using Second Life as an educational tool. There are plenty of educational resources in the way […]

Concepts related to social bookmarking

In doing some research on social bookmarking, I came to discover connections with some interesting ideas– Folksonomy (individually constructed, but socially shared taxonomy, byThomas Vander Wal) being one example.  Here are a few others: Connectivism:  by George Siemens – a learning theory rooted in application of learning in a network-based environment Collective Intelligence:  by Pierre […]

Social Bookmarking Strategies

Another good resource for social bookmarking is Social Bookmarking Strategies for Interactive Learning by Deborah Everhart & Shirley Waterhouse.  This resources is also found on Blackboard Scholar’s wiki.  Although the suggested approach was written for faculty using Blackboard Scholar, I believe the approach can work for other resources.  I would add one caveat–Blackboard allows faculty […]

What makes Educational Technology Innovative?

From my viewpoint, design of innovative educational technology involves the use of innovative technologies, guided by strong instructional design to support learning.  For many learners today, it can also mean finding a place where innovative ideas, promising technology, information, and a systematic approach to instruction converge within what Henry Jenkins has described , as a […]

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