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One of the items that I picked up from Prensky’s book “Digital Game-Based Learning” was a reference to a game called “Objection!”.  Objection! is a game that puts the player in the role of a defense lawyer who must judge the validity of a prosecuting attorney’s questions.  Objection! ( is challenging, so if you play […]

‘Game-based Learning’ – Attention spans

I recently read the book, “Digital Game-based Learning” by Marc Prensky.  [ Prensky, M. (2001). Digital game-based learning. In: McGraw Hill. ] Although I have a critical view of some points made by Prensky, I think there are a couple items that are worth a look over the next post or two. Presnky cites research […]

The Cost of Life

Ayiti, the Cost of Life is a game created by high school students in the Global Kids (Digital Kids Media Initiative Program), in partnership with developers from Gamelab (and supported by Microsoft’s partners in learning initiative, btw).  The game is hosted through Unicef, who also provided background on support for youth and education in Haiti, […]

Test your knowledge, donate rice!

In my recent search for cheap (or free) educational games, I ran across an interesting concept by  This organization works with sponsors like the UN World Food programme to donate rice to people around the world.  The site basically presents questions to test your understanding of vocabulary by presenting words in a way that […]

Math is exciting? Really?

If you’re a kid who’s played one of the math games offered by Tabula Digita’s DimensionM series, you might think so.  I learned about DimensionM from the recent 2009 NMC Summer Conference in Monterey (thanks to Bryan from NITLE!).  As part of my survey of the educational gaming landscape, I downloaded & played a couple […]

To game or not to game?

Most of the recent posts have focused exclusively on Second Life and virtual worlds.  However, I’d like to turn my attention towards another, albeit related platform–educational gaming.  One of the most interesting aspects about gaming is its interdisciplinary nature.  From the complex cross-section of skills needed to design an educational game, to the cross-section of […]

Plato & Second Life — beta

Last semester I was asked by a philosophy professor here @ SEU if I could build what will be SEU’s first Sim Second Life.  Of course, I said “yes!”–after which time I decided to figure out how to build what was asked.  As it turns out he wanted a recreation of Plato’s Allegory of the […]

Presentation on Virtual Worlds & Second Life

Whether or not you’re a part of the class that I’m teaching on Virtual Worlds & Second Life, feel free to take a look at compilation of links that provide an Introduction to Virtual Worlds.  From Sun Microsystem’s Darkstar & Project Wonderland initatives to Second Health simulations in Second Life, this pdf and the corresponding […]

SEU Campus in Second Life

I’ve been busy at building a “working draft” of our SEU Campus in Second Life.  To visit the campus, go to: after you have signed up for an avatar using the New Media Center’s sign-up process @ . In the SEU SL space, you can find a variety of classroom environments, ranging from small-discussion, ampitheatre presentations, as […]

Second Life SLUrl’s

For those who are interested in visiting even more educational areas within Second Life, I’ve put together a list of SLUrl’s for a presentation at St. Edward’s University.  Anyone interested in joining us on a “tour” of these spaces should download the .pdf and come along!

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